In 1st form B we have been thoroughly working on the Birthday Celebration topic. This super special day is the most expected one by the children! They dream about that day and some pupils even count the days left for it to arrive. They perhaps don´t know when their concrete birth day is, but oh, the celebration of it, they certainly do!

So for that purpose, we focused on Unit 2 “Let’s Celebrate!”from our students book which introduces the vocabulary involved in a birthday celebration such as songs, catchy chants, as well as the grammar items like the use of personal pronouns I, He, She, It, We and They. Questions like “ How old are you?” “How old is your friend?” were also practised .

To have some fun meanwhile we achieved our goal we made a few activities:

They decorated their own birthday balloon as nicely as they could!

They illustrated their dreamt birthday party celebration!

After that, we made a big poster with all the balloons and displayed their beautiful drawings!

We really had lots of fun and we achieved our goal, so: LET’S CELEBRATE!”

Miss Gloria and Miss Luli


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